That's paw-some! Apple Watch-style smart COLLAR that can track your dog's heart rate and vital signs is set to go on sale this summer from $99 

04/01/22 17:11

30/12/21 07:55

Judy and Andy Thomas, from Aldershot, are campaigning for more stringent internet safety measures in schools after their teenage daughter, Frankie, took her own life in 2018.

02/12/21 23:53

Apple has cut production of the iPhone 13 after demand for the product had slowed down due to the ongoing effects of the supply chain crisis

26/11/21 14:02

Apple's oft-rumoured augmented reality headset could launch as soon as the fourth quarter of 2022, according to one Hong Kong-based analyst.

24/11/21 22:31

The Victorian, a wedding venue in Youngsville, North Carolina, shared a TikTok video of Christine Karmire dancing with a mannequin at her wedding.

23/11/21 23:43

Apple said NSO's software, called Pegasus, was used to attack a small number of its customers worldwide. NSO has denied wrongdoing.

23/11/21 12:54

The watchdog ordered Apple to pay £113 million and Amazon £58 million after the tech firm and the e-commerce giant entered into a deal to penalise official and non-official sellers of Apple products.

23/11/21 02:12

An Australian mum who was fed up with her kids sneaking Apple iPads into their rooms before bed has created an 'iPad jail' using a Kmart bread box and lock. 

22/11/21 15:43

The sale includes the original box, registration card, manual and 1.2 floppy disk. The first email from space was sent by NASA astronauts using a WristMac from the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1991.

22/11/21 12:06

Apple is working on an all-glass smartphone from its Cupertino, California HQ, the patent suggests. The design could more than double the amount of display available on an iPhone.

21/11/21 01:12

Apple has filed patents for an all-glass iPhone dubbed 'a single slab of glass'. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office also granted Apple patents a glass Apple Watch and Mac Pro tower.

20/11/21 10:53

TikTok user Kelly, from Houston, Texas, whose username is @sexybabypartygirl, has videoed her interview experiences with Tiffany & Co and Apple on the app.

19/11/21 02:25

Premier Peter Gutwein says a five-day vaccination blitz targeting 12-18 year olds will begin on Saturday.

18/11/21 22:46

Carli Bellmer, from Boston, shared a TikTok video of herself sobbing after she realized her mistake. She was holding an AirPod and an ibuprofen in the same hand and swallowed one.

18/11/21 19:14

Apple is accelerating the advancement of its electric vehicle project and wants the 'holy grail' option for its oft-rumored autonomous car by 2025: no human intervention.

18/11/21 15:28

The 52-year-old vocal powerhouse rocked a sparkling evening gown as she belted out the hits during the star-studded extravaganza which is set to launch globally on Dec. 3.

18/11/21 01:54

The 42-year-old was in full hair and wardrobe, sporting curly brown hair, white hotpants and a turquoise leotard

17/11/21 17:24

Apple is launching its Self Service Repair program next year. This will ship parts and tools to customers' homes, allowing them to fix their own iPhones or Mac computers.

17/11/21 11:35

Schrier reported to Congress on November 12 that she had bought between $500,000 and $1 million worth of Apple shares through a joint account on July 27.

16/11/21 21:56

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney used a speech at a South Korean conference as an opportunity to lambast Apple and Google, slamming the tech giants for their stranglehold on the mobile app market.

16/11/21 13:10

Looking for the cheapest Apple AirPods Pro deals? The Apple Air Pods Pro are now at the lowest ever price on Amazon, reduced to just £199 including the MagSafe charging case.

15/11/21 20:26

A father and daughter were found huddled in the woods in rural Pennsylvania overnight after their single-engine Cessna plane crashed. Pings from their electronics saved them.

13/11/21 21:36

Apple agreed to pay $29.9 million to store workers in California after an eight-year legal battle where the tech giant forced employees to submit to bag checks. (file image).

11/11/21 22:02

Apple initially filed the patents in Singapore 'to keep the projects a secret,' but h filed the pair in the US earlier this year and received approval from the the US Patent & Trademark Office.

10/11/21 19:26

A California judge ruled Apple must make it possible for developers to add links and buttons for external payments within apps. The changes are also mandated to be made by December 9.

10/11/21 15:06

A rare Apple 1 computer still in working condition has sold at auction for $400,000. The Apple 1 was the first model designed by Steve Wozniak and only six were sold with koa wood cases.

10/11/21 15:00

If a child receives or attempts to send an image with nudity, the photo will be blurred and the child will be warned about the content - but they still have the option to send or view the sensitive content.

10/11/21 01:41

Consumer champion Which? is suing Qualcomm over claims it used its market dominance to inflate charges, making smartphones more expensive.

09/11/21 20:49

A rare Apple 1 computer still in working condition is going up for auction on Tuesday and could sell for as much as $600,000, experts believe.

09/11/21 16:30

Apple has reportedly hired former Tesla software director Christopher Moore. The Cupertino-based tech giant has been working on its long-rumoured self-driving car project since 2014.

09/11/21 14:45

Analysts say milestone is largely fueled by an increase in digital ad spending and growth in the Google Cloud platform. Only two other US companies are part of the exclusive $2trillion club.

08/11/21 11:37

She may only be aged 10, but Roxy Jacenko's daughter Pixie Curtis is already appearing to have the influencer routine down pat, based on her latest Instagram post on Monday.

05/11/21 01:02

British actor Elizabeth Henstridge has social media into tailspin after revealing that iPhones can listen to conversations happening up to 15 metres away.

04/11/21 18:58

The former Liverpool defender was spotted checking Edu's Wikipedia page on his iPad while the pair were sat in the studio on Wednesday night.

04/11/21 09:57

Roxy Jacenko has revealed her 10-year-old daughter Pixie Curtis's extravagant Christmas list. 

03/11/21 05:24

The talented twosome's post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama starts streaming this Friday

02/11/21 03:47

Apple has reportedly cut production of its iPad tablet in an effort to boost components for the iPhone 13 for the upcoming holiday quarter, a Japanese news outlet reported on Tuesday.

01/11/21 13:54

The next Apple iPhone and Watch could have a feature that detects a car accident and dials 911 automatically using a 'crash detection' feature which could be unveiled as soon as next year.

30/10/21 21:50

L&G's intervention will pile pressure on Apple to reveal more details about the way workers are treated in its supply chain.

28/10/21 22:46

They smashed their own quarterly records - capping off a bumper week for US tech firms that has also seen Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook spiral to new highs.

28/10/21 20:37

Creator Scott Z. Burns' eight-episode drama series - premiering next year on Apple TV+ - centers on how climate change 'affects love, faith, work, and family on a personal and human scale'

28/10/21 19:29

Romney recruited Senator Kyrsten Sinema to help with the costume as she portrayed Lasso's boss in the show for a moment called 'Biscuits with the Boss'.

27/10/21 08:18

She famously starred as little orphan Annie in the 2014 remake of the beloved 1982 film based on the acclaimed Broadway musical of the same name.

26/10/21 11:26

The actress, who shares her eldest child, 17, with ex-husband Chris Martin, spoke about her 'crazy' labour for the first time while discussing social media's impact on body positivity.

26/10/21 11:22

Janet Parkins, from Cambridgeshire, was slammed by 24 Hours in Police Custody viewers last night as she described her heartbreak after her son Robert, 33, was jailed for murder

26/10/21 05:05

Australian supermarket giant Coles has launched a huge sale on popular items - including Apple iPad 6 for $259, exclusive homeware buys and big ticket home appliances.

25/10/21 20:12

Between vagina steams and vagina scented candles, Gwyneth Paltrow is as sex-positive as it comes, but even she was left clutching her pearls over her daughter's sex-ed class.

25/10/21 17:02

In tonight's 24 Hours in Police Custody, Robert Parkins, 33, is jailed for murder after stabbing Alex Fitzpatrick, 30, at least 17 times in St Neots, Cambridgeshire on 13 October 2019.

25/10/21 11:56

Facebook said Apple's ban would have had 'potentially severe consequences to the business,' but the company knew about the issue a year before, codenaming it 'HEx,' or 'human exploitation.'

22/10/21 18:04

The plastic personal digital assistant mock-up - the only one of its kind known to have survived - shows how Apple once envisaged cornering the video call market.

20/10/21 00:04

Two years after Meryl Streep made her TV debut in HBO's Big Little Lies, the legendary actress is returning to the small screen in Apple TV Plus' Extrapolations.

19/10/21 23:14

The tech giant's website boasts the embossed cloth is 'made with soft, non-abrasive material' that can wipe clean any Apple product 'safely and effectively'.

18/10/21 19:09

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro that features the tech giant's updated chips - M1 Pro and M1 Max - that are 70% faster than previous technologies.

18/10/21 18:29

Apple unveiled the highly anticipated AirPods 3 during its live virtual event Monday. The earbuds cost $179, $50 more than the 2nd generation, with pre-orders opening today and shipping starts next week.

18/10/21 12:18

Apple runs events throughout the autumn from its offices in Cupertino, California. The latest event will focus on laptops, but could see new earphones confirmed.

17/10/21 01:22

Kei'lan Allen was sitting in his room in Tuscaloosa around 6:20 pm Friday when the gunshots were fired at his home in Washington Square.

16/10/21 02:00

Janneke Parrish, a program manager for Apple Maps working in Austin, Texas, led a protest movement about working conditions. On Thursday she was fired after deleting work documents.

15/10/21 16:51

Apple took down a popular Koran app in China after it allegedly hosted 'illegal religious texts,' though the developer said China 'requires additional documentation' for mainland apps to work.

13/10/21 22:16

Apple Watch Series 7 reviews have praised the new smartwatch's bigger screen and faster charging, though some call it just a 'slightly better' version to last year's model.

13/10/21 16:49

Apple is investigating whether AirPods could be used as traditional hearing aids, according to the Wall Street Journal. The federal government has recently relaxed rules on who can sell hearing devices.

13/10/21 13:38

Shoppers in Britain are already struggling to get their hands on the most sought-after Christmas presents, with the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and iPhone 13 all out of stock at most UK stores.

13/10/21 09:56

Amazon Prime members can now grab a pair of the all-new Echo Buds 2nd generation for just £79.99 instead of £109.99. Now 20 per cent smaller, more comfortable and with five hours playback time.

13/10/21 05:48

The ongoing computer chip shortage, caused by the impact of the Covid pandemic, has already hit stocks of the Playstation 5, some cars and other smartphones.

12/10/21 17:52

Apple sent out media invites on Tuesday, announcing its next product event, scheduled for October 18, where it's expected to unveil new MacBooks and AirPods.

12/10/21 16:05

The 21-second video was released late Monday by the New York Police Department. It shows that the suspect, who remains at large, also punched a 25-year-old female employee.

09/10/21 22:21

A 37-year-old Apple Store security guard was stabbed several times, including in his face, following a dispute over wearing face mask as crime in New York City continues to rise.

09/10/21 13:00

From dutch windmills at sunrise and the Northern Lights to breathtaking views of New York City, these jaw-dropping images share one thing in common - they were taken on an iPhone

07/10/21 15:16

Apple is looking into an expansion of its CarPlay feature used by over 600 vehicle models and control aspects like climate, the radio and how a person sits in a car, according to a media report.

06/10/21 23:46

Rainess Holmes, 36, was arrested and charged for the murder of Rhodes College student Andrew (Drew) Rainer, 22, during a home invasion robbery in Memphis, Tennessee.

06/10/21 17:36

Frances-Rose Thomas, known as Frankie, took her own life in September 2018 at home in Witley in Surrey, after reading a story on a school iPad in which a character had died by suicide.

05/10/21 16:33

Apple is remembering its late co-founder Steve Jobs on the 10th anniversary of his death with a homepage takeover that shows vide of Jobs, along with a heartfelt statement from his family.

04/10/21 21:54

Apple announced on Monday that its Apple Watch Series 7, which starts at 399, will be available for pre-order starting Friday, October 8 and in store on October 15.

04/10/21 21:09

Free apps that offer in-app-purchases now include a 'Report a Problem' option. iOS users can also select a specific reason to why they are reporting the app, such as it has quality issues.

04/10/21 20:29

'I think about Steve every day,' writes Sir Jony Ive (left), Apple's chief design officer under Jobs (seen right with Ive). Ive left firm in 2019 after reportedly growing disillusioned with Tim Cook (inset).

04/10/21 15:35

British kids are using their parents' Apple Pay and PayPal accounts, as well as debit cards, without permission, a new survey from Weybridge, Surrey-based firm Panda Security reveals (stock image).

04/10/21 15:00

The latest scam tells you your phone is already infected and links to an app which claims to fix the problem. But the 'fix' is actually even more dangerous.

02/10/21 21:51

Apple made a staggering 64 per cent of its gaming revenues from just one per cent of smartphone gamers in 2017. These gamers spent an average of $2,694 (£1,985) annually.

01/10/21 01:47

Apple+ debuted the first episode of 'The Problem With Jon Stewart' (pictured) Thursday, and critics dismissed it as being old and rehashed jokes from the former The Daily Show (inset) host

30/09/21 05:41

Less than a week after hitting the market and sparking a bidding war between multiple studios and streaming services, George Clooney and Brad Pitt's new film has found a home at Apple.

29/09/21 16:06

The gadgets have the ability to monitor things such as heart rate, temperature and physical activity, which US researchers say can be used to diagnose infections.