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Heartbroken Bindi Irwin asks fans for donations as her husband Chandler Powell's great aunt is diagnosed with cancer and the family sets up a GoFundMe to pay for medical bills

17/01/22 03:29

17/01/22 02:52

Charles McGee, a Tuskegee Airman who flew 409 fighter combat missions over World War II, the Vietnam War and Korean War has died at the age of 102-years-old on Sunday.

17/01/22 01:01

Napoli took to social media to 'congratulate' Atalanta and Inter Milan on their 'entertaining' 0-0 draw in a sarcastic Tweet on Sunday evening.

17/01/22 00:25

Professor Abdullah T. Antepli is calling on fellow Muslims to confront the 'increasing anti-Semitism problem' within their community. He slammed leaders he believes further the Jew-hatred issue.

16/01/22 20:10

The Dancing On Ice star, who appeared on the show in 2011 and 2012, passed away on January 14, friends have said.

16/01/22 16:02

In a video posted to Twitter, you can hear either Carter and Shaw say, without realizing their microphones were on, that 'Easton has two girls out here extremely overweight. Awful.'

16/01/22 15:32

Tamzin Outhwaite, 51, has revealed her partner of four years Tom Child, 30, was rushed into surgery to have his appendix removed.

16/01/22 09:37

Lisa Wilkinson became visibly emotional as she said a number of kind words about Professor Mary-Louise McLaws on Sunday night's episode of The Project, following her brain tumour diagnosis.

15/01/22 15:50

Shane O'Connor, 17, was laid to rest following a ceremony attended by 50 mourners at Newlands Cross Cemetery and Crematorium in West Dublin.

15/01/22 12:11

Former Suits star Patrick J Adams, from Toronto, has hit out after being constantly 'pulled into' debates surrounding his former co-star Meghan Markle.

15/01/22 02:19

At a certain point, when asked about working on The Sweetest Thing, the actress made a reference to her costar, Selma Blair, when she commented that it was 'sad both of us have Ms.'

14/01/22 21:14

Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna said in an interview Thursday that it was a mistake for Twitter to suppress stories about Hunter Biden's laptop.

14/01/22 20:44

Liz Giorgi, the CEO and co-founder of Soona studios, chronicled her search for her dog Fran in Denver, Colorado, and her interactions with Wag on Twitter.

14/01/22 20:08

Jamie Lynn made the claims in her new book titled Things I Never Said, where she describes her sister's behavior as 'erratic' and 'spiraling.'

14/01/22 17:16

The bridezilla was filmed ripping through the wedding dresses along with several silk gowns at a bridal salon in the southwestern city of Chongqing in China on January 9.

14/01/22 14:47

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to the brewing 'partygate' row, the revellers, dressed in suits and wearing paper masks of the Prime Minister's face, have been spotted dancing to music on Whitehall.

14/01/22 13:40

Ohio Representative Warren Davidson, 51, has apologized to his 'Jewish friends' in an apology on Thursday after several Jewish organizations blasted the politician for his 'unmoral' behavior.

14/01/22 12:25

The Duke of Sussex, 38, who is currently living in his $14 million mansion in California with Meghan Markle, 40, will attend a virtual event on February 3 for BetterUp.

14/01/22 11:21

A video of Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member at a Christmas party nearly ten years ago has re-emerged amid news of more No 10 parties.

14/01/22 11:19

The 55-year-old singer admitted she feels 'lost' without her boy, Shane O'Connor, who passed away last week, and she 'hates' herself, but is hoping to get some help in hospital.

14/01/22 02:13

The 37-year-old singer's project will see her returning to her roots as a pop punk artist and will also feature contributions from artists such as Travis Barker and Blink-182's Mark Hoppus.

14/01/22 01:57

The cricket great took to Twitter on Friday to condemn the tennis star as he awaits to learn his fate and whether the immigration minister will cancel his visa again.

14/01/22 01:01

No man understands the pain of holding a champagne flute, canapé and clutch bag at a party, as someone leans in for a handshake or kiss.

14/01/22 00:47

The passing of Arlis, who was seen on season 11 of the ABC franchise featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe in 2015, was reported on Twitter by family friend Scott Bayer.

14/01/22 00:22

Fans of The Apprentice flocked to Twitter on Thursday evening to mock the boys' toothbrush design - as it marks the second time they have created a product that resembles a 'turd.'

13/01/22 23:48

Britney Spears took to Twitter on Thursday to slam her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears after watching her promote her new memoir during an interview on Good Morning America. 

13/01/22 21:53

Davidson, 51, compared vaccine passports to Nazi segregation and claimed that 'dehumanization and segregation are underway.' He was slammed for 'furthering his agenda' and 'exploiting tragedy.'

13/01/22 15:47

The Portland Pickles baseball team ended its mascot Twitter takeover after a photo of the mascot giving a thumbs up was cropped to look like it was picture of his green cotton penis.

13/01/22 15:46

The internet is celebrating national Kiss a Ginger day with waves of humorous memes and hilarious jokes about the hair color.

13/01/22 14:57

Nina Wadia, 53, was reunited with her onscreen husband, Nitin Ganatra, 54, after a chance encounter in Muswell Hill, London.

13/01/22 12:19

EXCLUSIVE: Professor James Treadwell was informed by his employer Staffordshire University yesterday that official complaints have been made about comments he has made on Twitter.

13/01/22 11:18

Boris Johnson admitted yesterday that he went to a 'party' in No10's garden at the height of lockdown in May 2020 - but argued he thought it was a 'work event' and 'technically' within the rules.

13/01/22 10:32

Tottenham lost 3-0 on aggregate vs Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final. Spurs fans directed their anger at the result towards the club hierarchy, calling for Daniel Levy and the ENIC Group to depart.

13/01/22 00:51

At the beginning of November, this deceptively simple game had only 90 players: now there are two million, with celebrity fans such as Pointless co-host and bestselling author Richard Osman.

12/01/22 23:00

The 45-year-old tweeted: 'In the (near) future, every person will have a parallel digital identity'. She said 'avatars, crypto wallets, digital goods will be the norm' and asked, 'Are you planning for this?'

12/01/22 22:50

People have been flocking to Twitter to commemorate the holiday. Some posted pictures of themselves kissing their orange cats, and others shared snaps of their favorite red-headed celebrities.

12/01/22 22:07

David Colombo, 19, shared the warning on Twitter, saying the flaw was found in a third-party software that stores the Tesla owner's sensitive information. Tesla is looking into the matter.

12/01/22 21:49

The incident occurred in the 87th minute of the game at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Following a lengthy delay, play then resumed, with eight minutes being added on at the end of the game.

12/01/22 21:38

Lindsay Lohan looked blissful in a new selfie that she shared with her 8.2 million followers on Twitter. The actress showed off her natural beauty as she went makeup-free in the snap

12/01/22 21:21

A prominent black conservative has been banned from social media site Gettr and called a 'liar' by its communication director after the app promoted itself as a 'cancel-free zone.'

12/01/22 17:28

A Twitter account shared a snap of a man wearing a black button down shirt that may have been a little too small for him. It's so tight that it looks like it's seconds away from popping open.

12/01/22 17:15

Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes' brother, Jackson, 21, was the subject of homophobic chants during Kansas City's 28-24 victory over the Broncos on January 8.

12/01/22 16:44

The Tanzania National Parks official Twitter account posted the video Monday in which a lioness is seen walking beside a plucky wildebeest calf half her size and escorting it to safety.

12/01/22 15:38

Daniel Hutchings, part of the first-team staff at Stevenage, said gay people working within football will be 'stuck in a kind of limbo' until a high-profile player comes out.

12/01/22 12:59

Social media erupted into a hive of memes mocking Boris Johnson, with one showing Ant and Dec in a fit of giggles - alluding to the television presenter's previous jibes at the Government.

12/01/22 11:16

The long-serving general knowledge whizz commented on the voluptuous former Countdown star as she attempted to win money for charity on Channel 4's Beat The Chaser,

12/01/22 02:25

The 32-year-old Seattle singer recently took to social media after suffering a 'triggering experience' while trying to get an MRI as a 'fat patient'.

12/01/22 00:59

The Singaporean-born poet was putting homemade treats in the letterbox for a Scottish neighbour at their Sydney apartment block when she was approached by another neighbour.

11/01/22 23:39

Robin Sage places soldiers in a 'politically unstable' fictional country and uses 'unconventional guerrilla warfare' to defeat a 'numerically superior enemy'. It also serves as a Special Forces final exam.

11/01/22 23:17

Mayor Lightfoot tested positive for COVID-19 one day after she struck a deal with the Chicago Teachers' Union to reopen schools on Wednesday after the teachers held a strike for additional safety policies.

11/01/22 22:28

The FDA has warned against swabbing one's throat - instead of or in addition to the nose - when taking an at-home rapid antigen test, saying there isn't yet evidence for the throat swab method.

11/01/22 20:55

The disgraced politician took to Twitter this evening to share the news that he had tested positive for the virus and that he was now isolating at home and that he he feels 'much better than last time'.

11/01/22 19:35

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans are split when it comes to whether or not they'll be tuning in for the gritty, dramatic reboot Bel-Air.

11/01/22 19:19

KFC began selling plant-based chicken at US locations on Monday, January 10. They are not prepared in a vegan or vegetarian manner. staffers tasted the nuggets.

11/01/22 13:08

The former Love Island star, 22, opted for a laid back look as she left a hairdressers in Wilmslow, Cheshire on Tuesday.

11/01/22 09:34

It is understood that around 40 staff met for drinks and food from 6pm on May 20, 2020, at a time when only two people were allowed to socialise outside under national Covid curb.

11/01/22 08:53

Today, Brits shared harrowing pictures they took around the time of the party, which showed grandparents having to hug their grandchildren through plastic sheeting.

11/01/22 05:23

She's the two-time US Survivor winner that has made her way Down Under for the highly anticipated Blood Vs Water series.

11/01/22 02:54

Reviews of the show say the allegations were addressed in one simple throwaway line delivered by one of Jackson's managers: 'Who the hell is this family he wants to bring on tour?'

11/01/22 01:33

Mr Andrews deferred questions to Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who still has the power to deport Djokovic despite a federal court quashing the government's decision to cancel his visa.

10/01/22 18:23

Davidson, who does not use social media, shared his words via SNL writer and stand-up comedian Dave Sirus' Twitter account.

10/01/22 18:00

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was ruthlessly lambasted by a slew of right-wing critics Sunday after she admitted she caught the virus days after she was photographed maskless at a crowded club in Miami.

10/01/22 16:15

As of Monday, 29 lawmakers have tested positive for COVID since the start of December when the Omicron variant took the nation. New cases come as Congress comes back into session.

10/01/22 16:10

Jon Reyes tweeted a photo of his wife Cynthia shoveling their driveway on January 8. He snapped a picture of her through the window and wrote that he was going to make her breakfast.

10/01/22 15:38

The cause of death remains unknown for the frontman of R&B group Mtume but the news was confirmed by his son Faulu Mtume to Pitchfork on Sunday.

10/01/22 14:46

Molly-Mae Hague has apologised for her 'tone deaf' comments on wealth inequality which went viral last week.

10/01/22 12:32

Headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh, 49, said on This Morning that some parents don't really know what their children are learning and think they've 'ticked the box' by sending them off to school.

10/01/22 12:31

Lord Alan Sugar, 74, took to Twitter on Monday to ask Graham Norton, 58, to let him on his infamous Big Red Chair show.

10/01/22 12:11

The comedian and co-host divided fans on Monday night's episode of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! with her very wacky comedy.

10/01/22 11:39

Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage have clashed online as Novak Djokovic battled to stay in Australia.

10/01/22 10:59

The Golden Globes moved online for its 79th ceremony, but the awards show's Twitter account had a spectacular fail when it came to its big moment.

10/01/22 10:48

Davina Rankin successfully earned 12 stars after completing a difficult challenge during Monday night's episode of I'm a Celebrity.

10/01/22 09:07

The Irish singer took to social media yesterday to rail against CAHMS, the child and family agency Tusla and the Irish state for 'failing' Shane, 17 (pictured), who took his own life last week.

10/01/22 07:17

When his son caught COVID watching a movie with a friend, Dr. Wachter described checking in on him frequently and even letting himself into his place to find him 'sleeping...and breathing.'

10/01/22 07:03

COVID cases reported on Sunday dropped dramatically, but the decline was due to the lag in weekend reporting, it is believed. Saturday saw 900,000 new cases.

10/01/22 04:00

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has finally returned to work after 24 days of summer leave after he was slammed by Jeff Kennett for taking medical leave for an 'unexplained' injury.

09/01/22 23:44

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she has caught COVID - days after she was snapped partying maskless in Miami.

09/01/22 23:43

A video emerged on social media appearing to show Shrewsbury fans in Liverpool city centre, allegedly chanting in reference to the Hillsborough disaster.

09/01/22 18:17

In her latest post on social media, the heartbroken Nothing Compares 2 U singer said her son had hanged himself hours after he disappeared from a hospital where she says he was on suicide watch

09/01/22 17:16

The GOP lawmaker's tweet came hours after Kamala Harris compared the riot to the bombing of Peal Harbor and the September 11 attacks in a speech marking the day's one year anniversary.